Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mac Fashion Sets 2013

As we know MAC is notourious for releasing collection after collection. I actually got tired of trying to keep up with them all but I have to say that I was ecstatic when I saw this collection. These colors are absolutely gorge and perfect for Spring and Summer. 

The collection went on sale online last week and will be in stores April 4th.

  • Silly, bright pink (matte)
  • Ablaze, bright apricot (matte)
  • Embrace Me, bright fuschia (matte)
  • Heroine, bright violet (matte)

Silly, Heroine, Embrace Me

Heroine lip liner, lipglass, and lipstick
There has been so much hype over this lipstick and I see why. Its the perfect purple shade. It was released in a previous collection and being re-released in this one. I'm so happy they brought it back because I'm in love!

Embrace Me lip liner, lipglass, and lip stick
This is a gorgeous bright fuschia color. For you ladies that thought Candy Yum Yum was too bright to pull off, well this is the perfect hot pink shade as its much more wearable.

Silly lipstick and Embrace Me lip liner
This color is perfect for an everyday lip.

Ablaze lipglass
I'm so upset that I didn't get the lipstick and the lip liner. With it being called a bright apricot color I was nervous about buying it without trying it out first. So I opted for the just the lipglass and I love it!!! I would describe the color more of a deep coral color. I will be trying to get my hands on the lipstick and lip liner in the stores tomorrow...cross fingers.

What have you bought or what will you be buying?

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