Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY: Wedding Card Box

Here's another fun and simple DIY project, it's not beauty related but in lieu of the wedding season, I decided to share anyway.

My mom got married this weekend and I wanted to add a personalized touch to the wedding so I decided to make her a wedding card box.
Hope you guys enjoy!!

Materials I used:

(2) paper mache boxes
Glue gun
Self adhesive rhinestones
Self adhesive pearls
Artificial sunflowers
(2) cans of black spray paint
Pre cut cardboard letters
Sand paper

Step 1: Begin by spraying an even coat of paint on the boxes and the lids.

Step 2: Once the paint dries, cut a slit on the top lid. (I don’t know the exact measurements however I used an actual card envelope as my reference). After cutting the slit, sand it smooth and touch it up with a little more paint.

Step 3: Once the paint dries again, glue the bottom of the top box to the top of the bottom lid…hope that wasn’t confusing.

Step 4: Cut a hole where the two glued boxes are joined togehter so the cards can fall from the smaller top box into the larger bottom box.

From here you can begin to decorate the box as you wish. The flowers of the wedding were sunflowers so I wanted to incorporate that flower as well as the color scheme onto my box.  

Step 5: I glued pre cut/decorated letters to the bottom box reading: CARDS.

Step 6: I applied the self adhesive pearls on top of the top lid.

Step 7: I traced the letter “T” (which is the initial of my mom’s new last name) with a pencil and applied the self adhesive rhinestones along the traced letter.

Step 8: I cut the stems off the sunflowers and glued the flowers to the bottom lid.

Step 9: Finishing the box off, I glued the yellow ribbon to the base of the top box.
 I loved the way the card box turned out and most importantly I’m glad I could create something special for such a memorable occasion.

If you have a wedding coming up or know someone getting married, give it a try!!

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  1. Very thoughtful! I like this a lot. There is nothing like a personal touch!