Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Stretch bracelets have become very popular amongst jewelery designers as they are sold practically at all retail stores. The tutorial below will show you how to make your own's super simple and fun!

Materials Needed:

Stretch Cord ( I used Stretch Magic in .5mm thickness, 1mm. is ok as well)
Beads ( I used plastic craft beads)
Charms (Optional)
Binder Clip ( Not shown in picture)
Scissors ( Not shown in picture)

Let's Get Started....
1. Cut the stretch cord at your desirable length.
2. Place your binder clip on one end of the cord securely.

3. Thread the other end of the cord through your beads. Leave at least 2 inches at the end of the string so you will have enough cord to tie your knot.
4. Tie the ends of the cord together in a secure knot. Below is a picture of how to tie a surgeons knot. You can reinforce the knot by applying glue if you wish.

5. Trim the excess cord and place the knot in the closet bead hole
6. Optional: To jazz the bracelet up some more you can add some dainty charms.

Viola!! How simple was that? The hardest part of the project is trying to decide which beads you're going to use!!