Friday, July 13, 2012

Inglot and Mac Haul

While in Vegas I was very excited to go to Inglot and the Mac Pro store...both in which are not here in Memphis. There was nothing in particular I needed, so I just bought what caught my eye.

First up...Inglot

Eyeshadow 477- Lime Green w/ silver sparkle

Eyeshadow 491- Deep lavender w/ silver sparkle

Eyeshadow 481- Lilac w/ silver sparkle

Lip Paint 51- Richly pigmented nude lip color

Gel Eyeliner- Heard many great things about this eyeliner, such as its very long lasting and it applies very smoothly.

Next up....Mac Pro Store

Mac Pro long wear eyeshadow in Tease with Ease (frost) PRO STORE ONLY- It's a bright shimmery fuchsia color. It will also make a great blush.

Mac Chromaline Gel Eyeliner in Marine Ultra PRO STORE ONLY-  A vibrant waterproof gel eyeliner in a bright naval blue.

Mac Rebel lipstick- Deep, fuchsia berry color. It's a bold color without being too dark or too bright.

Mac Glitter Brillants in Red PRO STORE ONLY- I don't really don't know what I will use this for but I think it will be cute on top of the Rebel lipstick.

Mac Chromagraphic Pencil in NW25/MC30 PRO STORE ONLY- Apply pencil on your waterline and your eyes will instantly look brighter, bigger, and more awake.

Even though what happens in Vegas stays in's a peak

Arriving in style

Good times

Headed to our pole dance lesson

Relaxing at the pool

Lez beautiful under water shot

My under water shot :)

All the ladies and the bride to be

Always ready for the camera

Last day of partying and we all wore flats...whew it felt so good

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