Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Memphis Fashion Week 2012

This past weekend I had the luxury of covering Memphis Fashion Week for Love Nu Art Magazine. Make sure you go check the magazine out at as its an amazing up and coming magazine. We were provided the complete 100% VIP access.

Anywho, I have to admit that my expectations of the event weren’t high as Memphis isn’t known for fashion. But when I tell you that this was a top notch, high fashion event, that’s exactly what is was. The event started with the VIP lounge where there were freeze models displaying gorgeous jewelry pieces. Day 1 of the fashion show featured three designers. Day 2 featured four designers. The models, hair, makeup, and designs were exquisite. I’ve never been to a high fashion show before but I know this is how its supposed to be done.

Below are just a few pictures

Makeup for Friday night, I was going for a golden, glowy look

Freeze models displaying beautiful jewerly pieces
Nubia and I

Gorgeous models rocking the runway

My new friend I met

Nubia and I

Move over New York Fashion Week because here comes Memphis!!

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