Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sigma Brush Review

I have been on the hunt  for a new Stippling Brush so I bought one from Sigma along with some other brushes.

F80- Flat Top Kabuki Brush

I am so in love with this brush, where should I begin? The bristles on the brush are sooo soft and it feels so good on my face. They are also short and very dense wish allows the foundation to go on very even and not streaky. The brush is a perfect size, not too big and not too small as it buffs the foundation into your face providing a flawless finish. I love this brush so much that I will be purchasing another one for back up and another for my makeup kit as I know my clients will love it too. This is a must have brush. Consider buying this brush as an investment, its a perfect brush whether you're a beginner or a professional makeup artist.
Price: $16.00

F50- Duo Fiber Stippling Brush

This is initially what I intended on using and loving. This brush is considered to be the dupe to the Mac 187 brush (which is $42). The bristles are not as dense at the Mac but very workable. I’ve used this brush about four times and every time the brush shed pretty badly. Overall, the brush is just ok in my opinion.
Price: $18.00

F35- Tapered Highlighter

I really like this brush primarily for the egg shape of the bristles. I have to admit this brush is very soft as well. I use this brush everyday and I really like it. This brush can be used to highlight your cheek bones and the tip of the brush can be used to contour the hollows of your checks and along your nose. Overall this is a very good brush and is worth buying.

E40- Tapered Blending Brush

I absolutely love blending brushes. I think that having a nicely blended eye is the key to having a great eye look. The bristles on this brush aren’t that dense which makes it harder for the brush to blend darker colors. However, it does blend lighter colors together wonderfully.
Price: $11.00

E05- Eyeliner

I received this brush as a free gift. I haven’t used this brush yet but it looks like your standard eyeliner brush, nothing too fancy
Price: $9.00

Overall I was very happy with my Sigma purchase but even happier to have gotten the F80 brush. I think the brushes are a great quality especially for the price. Remember, the Mac brush was a whooping $42!!! Here I bought 5 brushes for $65.00 and I don't feel as though I settled for these brushes. The bristles on the brush are very soft, the brushes are very sturdy and professional looking. I will definitely be buying more brushes from them in the future. To check out these brushes and others go to

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Talk to you guys soon.

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