Monday, April 9, 2012

The Perfect Brow

The highly anticipated eyebrow tutorial is here!!! Eyebrows are the most important feature on a persons face. They draw attention to your eyes which means they need to be properly groomed. Few of us have the “perfect” eyebrow meaning that they have an even shape and arch, no sparse hairs etc. Many of us women need to incorporate filling in our eyebrows as part of our normal beauty routine. Since this is a part of my daily routine, I try to keep this process short and sweet. If you like the look here, then stay tuned.

Tools needed:
Concealer (Maybelline Fit Me)
Eyebrow pencil (Fashion Fair in Black/Brown or Mac in Spiked)
Small concealer brush (E.L.F $1 @ Target)
Eyebrow brush or spoolie (not included in pic below)

Before beginning the tutorial , this diagram may be helpful to some on where the eyebrow starts and ends and where your natural arch should be.

Lets begin.....
Begin with brushing the hairs up and over, this allows you to see the exact shape of your brow and where you may have any sparse hairs.
As you can see, my eyebrow has a decent shape and arch, however I have gaps in my brow that need to be filled in.

Using your eyebrow pencil draw the shape of the eyebrow underneath your natural brow line. This serves as as a guideline on how you want your desired eyebrow shape to be. 

Start filling in the eyebrow with your eyebrow pencil. Use short, feathery motions in the direction of the hairs. Your strokes should be very light as you don't want your brow to be too dark. Remember to NOT draw lines. The goal is for the pencil to create an illusion of hairs.

The concealer trick, I use this trick to “hide” any hairs I haven’t plucked and to give my eyebrow shape a crisper look. Using your concealer brush, apply concealer along the the bottom of your eyebrow. I don't put concealer at the top of my brow as I don't want my eye to look too perfect, you want a natural, clean look.

Blend, blend, blend. Blend the concealer down into your crease. I think it looks very unnatural when women don’t blend the concealer under the eyebrow.


Your eyebrow is done!!

Add your eyeshadow and mascara and you're ready to walk out the door!!

Hope you enjoyed!!!


  1. I love these tips, they were very helpful.

  2. Great!!! I'm glad they were helpful