Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Orange You Glad For Orange Blush?

I know what a corny title right J but anywho the must have Spring/Summer blush color is...... orange!! Now I know what you’re thinking, orange? But yes, it’s a beautiful color, especially on women of color. The color also looks great on tanned and bronzed complexions. Orange is the must have color because it gives the face a natural glow. The orange against the bronzed skin tones warms the face. Adding this color to your face will make you look like a Spring Goddess.

(Disclaimer: This is my first YouTube video, so don't judge too hard as it will get better...I promise)
Nyx- Cinnamon
This is a beautiful matte orange color. Not too orange but a very subtle, buildable orange. It is $5 and can be found at Ulta or your beauty supply store.

Sephora- Apricot Brandy
Not my favorite because of the excessive amount of shimmer but if you like shimmer then you will love this color. The color is very sheer with a lot of shimmer. $16 at Sephora.

Mac- Modern Mandarin
I absolutely love this blush, I'm personally a big fan of Mac blushes. The orange is very pigmented and very long lasting. $20 at your Mac counter.

Nars- Exhibit A
This blush is on the pricer side but trust me it’s worth it. The blush is a perfect combination of red and orange. When applying you have to remember that a little goes along way but it’s a gorgeous color that adds a perfect color to your cheeks. If this color is too bright, there is a more toned down color named Taj Mahal that is as equally gorgeous.

Nyx eyeshadow- Golden Orange. If you are not completely sold yet that Orange blush will look good on you, try your orange eyeshadow.



  1. Sooo I love this cant wait to try at least one of these colors on my face...

    1. Trust me, you will love the color.

  2. Going to Ulta tomorrow!!! I love you for these posts!!!