Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Evelyn Lozada's Cosmetic Line: Is It Truly Hers?

In my previous post, I reviewed Evelyn Lozada's 36 color "Smoke It Out" Palette. I was very excited about my purchase but when I received my order confirmation from a company called Crown Brush, it peaked my curiosity. I thought it was strange that it was sent from Crown Brush as I am familiar with this cosmetic company. I was intrigued to know what Crown Brush's affiliation was with Evelyn's cosmetic line. Now its not uncommon for celebrities to collaborate with a makeup company and create a line of their own. Well, ladies and gentlemen that is not the case here. Evelyn's cosmetic line is not of her own, its private labeled by Crown Brush. Meaning that Crown Brush manufacturers and sell the same eye palettes Evelyn does. The only differences are that Crown Brush sell their palettes for much cheaper than Evelyn's and hers have her name on it.

Now what Evelyn is doing isn't wrong nor illegal but she has led the public to believe that this is "her" cosmetic line. Now when I think of that, I think of someone actually "creating" a line, not putting your name on an already existing product.

Below you will see the pictures of Evelyn's eye palettes and those of Crown Brush. You will see that they are EXACTLY the same!!

Crown Brush: 36 Color Smoke It Out Palette

Price: $19.95
Currently on sale for: $ 11.97

 Evelyn Lozada: My actual 36 Color Smoke It Out Palette
Price: $24.95

Crown Brush: 78 Color Blush/ Eyeliner/ Shadow Palette

Price: $19.95
Currently on sale for: $11.97

Evelyn Lozada: 78 Color Combo Palette
Price: $28.95

Since discovering this information, my review for the palette has not changed. I still believe its a great palette and I have used it for many eye looks. However I would recommend going to Crown Brush, www.crownbrush.com to buy these palettes as they are cheaper.


  1. These are the same palettes from Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics. Especially the 78 Color Combo Palette. I bought the same one from Coastal Scents called the 78 color eyeshadow/blush palette for $12. I don't feel its wrong for a celebrity to just slap their name on a product and sell it as their own. But I DO feel its wrong for them to jack the price up SKY HIGH just because it has their name on it.

  2. I'm glad I did some research on it before I ordered the make-up! Thanks ladies! Going to Coastal Scents!

  3. 1in 5 products you buy from ant store is a private label product. It do not matter if it's a dish detergent, toothpaste, or whatever they are usually from a manufacturer. That do not mean it is not their product. It is a cheaper way to get a product started without the high costs of product development. Besides, most companies eventually find a laboratory of their own....good business in my opinion.

  4. Orissa I understand what you're saying but when I hear someone say it's their cosmetic line I think of them actually going to the lab themselves and creating colors and products themselves. For example MakeupGeek, she works with a lab and manufacturer to make her visions come to life. Sam Fine did the same with Fashion Fair. I just don't think it's your line if I can get the same thing from somewhere else....and for cheaper.