Monday, May 14, 2012

Jessica Simpson Fancy Love Perfume

3.4 oz eau de parfum $55

When it comes to perfumes Im not the biggest collector, I probably use the same 2 perfumes the whole year. However I was looking for a new fragrance for Spring/Summer. For those that don’t know me I’m absolutely addicted to home shopping networks such as,, and I was watching shopnbc one evening and everything was 5 value pays (value pays are where you pay for the item equally over so many payments…interest free)!! So I decided to find a perfume. I researched and read reviews on numerous perfumes but when I came across the Jessica Simpson- Fancy Love the reviews were very positive. So needless to say I bought a perfume before even smelling it…who does that? J But boy am I happy I did.

This perfume smells so darn good!!! I absolutely adore this perfume!! It smells so good that I catch myself sniffing myself throughout the day. It’s a very light fragrance, not overpowering but still makes a statement. It’s a very fresh, creamy floral scent. Of course, perfumes smell different on different people but Fancy Love smells very sweet and powdery on my skin. When I smell this perfume, I think of a romantic picnic at the park. This perfume has definitely become my go to smell and I would recommend this perfume to any one that is looking for a light, romantic, feminine smell.

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