Friday, May 4, 2012

The Heelless Shoe, Hot or Not?

The heelless shoe is a very unique and creative shoe that has, you guessed it.... no heel. When I first saw this shoe by Giuseppe Zanotti, I immediately fell in love but my pockets aren’t long enough to buy a $1,000 pair of shoes.

A much more affordable version of the shoe is by Jeffery Campbell called Nightwalk. I have been eyeing this shoe for quite some time as its much more reasoanable than the Giuseppe Zanotti costing $170.

I finally bought my version of the heelless shoe from for $35.00!! Now I’m sure the Jeffery Campbell and Giuseppe Zanotti are of better quality but for this trendy shoe that I will only wear on occasion, I think it’s well worth the money. I know the question that everyone has, is how do you walk in this shoe? Contrary to popular belief the shoe is actually very comfortable and easy to walk in. ( I'm thinking about filmimg me walking in them and even jumping rope). The no heel is more of an optical illusion because when you walk in these shoes it’s not like your balance is thrown off or anything like that. It feels like you're walking on a chunky platform. If you’re comfortable with wearing high heels and stilettos then you won’t have any problems wearing this shoe at all.

This shoe is definitely not for everybody, either you love it or hate it. Let me know if you think its hot or not?

Look how some of the celebs rocked their heelless shoes.

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  1. HOT! I was eyeing the Jeffery Campbell's for a while. Then I saw someone at a party wearing them, and I was like ??? So thanks for the feeback on how to walk in them lol.