Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quiana's Question Qorner: I'm having such a hard time picking eye shadow colors and matching them to my skin tone or outfits. I just started applying make-up and I think I have a phobia of looking like a circus clown when I go out. Any advice on how not to overdo it?

Since you're a beginner with makeup, selecting eye colors can be a little intimidating and overwhelming. It might be helpful to start using eye shadows that come in quads or trios that label which color goes on which part of the eye. Maybelline and Almay have some that are not expensive at all. This will allow you to not have to necessarily think about which color to use as it already tells you. As you get more comfortable with colors and start knowing what color combinations look good on you, you can then invest in more colors and higher end brands.

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